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American Service Pets
Emotional Support Animal Certificate

Ever wanted to take your pup on a trip but couldn’t afford the airline fees or missed out on that perfect apartment because it required a huge pet deposit or wasn’t pet-friendly?

An emotional support animal provides a therapeutic benefit to its owner through companionship. It does not require any special training like a service dog would. But those vests you can find on Amazon aren’t official proof. Our doctors certify you online in minutes! And now we are offering an ESA Certificate to make it even more official.

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How Can An ESA Certificate
Help You & Your Pet

Sometimes you need proof of status for your emotional support animal immediately. The American Service Pets ESA Certificate comes in handy in many situations including these:

With a digital file handy, you can print or email your certificate to
anyone instantly to avoid hassles, fees, and awkward situations.

The Certificate Includes

  • Your & Your Emotional Support Pets Name

  • ESARA Seal that acknowledges ESA's
    protection under federal law

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Order Your Certificate Today for
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Get Your Customized
ESA Pet Certificate Today

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